Training: Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001: 2008): Lead Auditor Course


4 Days Special Weekends Course for the Executives

IRCA Accredited ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Course provides training for potential Quality Management System Lead Auditors and Auditors.  The course meets the training requirements of the International Register of Certificated Auditors for registration as an IRCA recognized QMS auditor/lead auditor and provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge and skills in auditing in order to carry out quality management system audits in any organization.

Students are expected to have an understanding of the principles supporting quality management systems and of the ISO/IEC 9001 standard would be a added advantage.

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You need this course if ...
1. you want to audit Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001 requirements
2. you are an Auditor or Quality System Manager and want to add to your credibility with a widely accepted qualification
3. you want to satisfy the formal training requirements for IRCA certification
Our Instructor Led Training will enable you understand the...
1. Purpose of a QMS and the ISO 9000 principles of quality management
2. Analyse ISO 9001 clauses and suggest examples of evidence that would show conformance with these requirements
3. Essential definitions to help you interpret and audit ISO 9001 requirements
4. Gain sufficient knowledge of preparing for, carrying out, reporting on and following up an audit.
5. Equip with the skills in assessing and improving an organization's quality systems.
6. Acquire the knowledge on how to present data and information gained during an audit.
7. Plan and conduct an interview with top management and evaluate an organization's quality policy and objectives
8. How to audit processes for conformance and effectiveness
1. Introduction to Quality, ISO 9001 and ISO 19011
2. Understanding the ISO 9001:2008 Standard requirements
3. Types of Audits and Pre-audit management
4. Desktop Audit/Quality Manual Review
5. Audit Programming
6. Conducting an Opening Meeting
7. Audit Methods and Techniques
8. Audit Design Activities
9. Audit Process and Raising Non-Conformances
10.Writing the Audit Report
11.Conducting a Closing Meeting
12.Audit Follow up Actions
13.Clearance of Non-Conformance Reports
14.Lead Auditor's Management Responsibilities
15.Auditor Code of Conduct
16.IRCA Auditor Registration Scheme
Sunil Verma
Sunil Kumar brings in about 14 years of Consulting and Quality Management, Project Management experience in his role as a Senior consultant. His Consulting and Training experience includes ITIL framework for IT Service Management, ISO 20K audits and ISO 20K implementation, PMO, project management, process definitions & enhancements, implementation of best practices, Implementation of CMMI Development and CMMI Services.
He is a process Improvement Trainer and consultant, his certifications includes:

Certified Prince 2 Practitioner (UK)
Certified ITIL V3
Qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001: 2000 (QMS)
Qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 27001 (ISMS)
Qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 20K (ITSM)
Certified CoBIT Foundation

1. Managers and management representatives 2. Business Leaders
3. Manufacturing Engineers
4. Process Owners / Managers
5. Quality Assurance Managers
6. Business Excellence Leaders
7. Who want to implement ISO 9001 in their organization
1. Gain confidancet inconducting effective ISO 9001:2008 audits and QMS compliance
2. Implement and Improve effective Quality Management System Based on ISO 9001
3. Organization become confident and can rely on ISO certified lead auditors
4. Regular Audits by Certified Auditors of ISO 9001 QMS drive improved performance of QMS
5. Build customer confidence with greater efficiency and assurance standards
1. IRCA Accredited Training Program
2. Qualified and Well Experienced Trainer
3. All Kind of Subject Matter Support is provided to all delegated.
4. Mix of lectures and Practical exercises
5. Role Play and Case studies for Indept understanding
6. Practical exercises focus on the audit process using the ISO 9000 series of standards