ISO 27001 Information Safety Management System
Benefits of ISO 27001
Why choose 3S Management Certification for your audit?
3S Management Certification is Managed by Professionals having deep understanding of Information Security Management System for the assessment and add value to the Client’s ISMS. A friendly and open approach and without any bureaucracy has led to unprecedented growth and client’s satisfaction. 3S Management Certification ensures through Documented processes that auditors that have empathy with this approach are employed, they are trained on our own quality management system and our values for customer satisfaction.
Auditors are carefully allocated for the audit by their previous professional experience according to client’s industrial sector. This results in a practical, meaningful and value added audit, carried out in with mutual understanding.
3S Certification Service deeply believes that its audits should for adding value to the client’s organization’s Information Security Management System, and not an bureaucratic exercise to ‘please’ the auditor.
What is the cost of an audit to ISO 27001?
Unlike a majority of its competitors, 3S Management Certification pricing is based on standard provided by the IAF and that’s depends on the company size.
For a fixed, written quotation however, we require a few more details. These can be submitted to 3S Management Certification via a short questionnaire or alternatively contact 3S Certification Service for more details. Quotations are provided without any obligation. An information pack about 3S Management Certification can also be requested by clicking here - or calling us.