Principles of 3S Management Certifications



The client organization is responsible to maintain the requirements for certification for which they are having the certification. The Audit is based on the sampling and does not guarantee the 100 % Compliance against the standard.

3S Management Certification Shall be responsible for assessing sufficient objective evidence from the client organization (by Means of documentation reviews, Site Audits, Follow up audits) as a base to certification decision. Based on audit conclusions, if there are sufficient evidence of conformity provided by the audit team, the decision to grant the certification of the Scheme Applied and audited for would be “yes” and if there are not sufficient evidence of conformity, the decision of granting of certification would be “No”.

The responsibilities of Client organizations and 3S MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION are shared with the customers and signed by the clients as acceptance and understanding.


3S Management Certification ensures that Auditors are competent and up to date on technology, Field of operations of the client organization and Trained in Soft skills to handle the client and difficult situations. In the event of an engagement with the client organization during Certification Audit or Surveillance audit, the technically trained auditor is not available in the pool of auditors, AN SME shall be attached with the auditor to guide him for the technology / operations of the client organization. 3S Management Certification maintains a register of auditor’ s skills (Technical and Soft) maintains the Audit log and other relevant data. This data is used for selection of auditor for a specific client organization as well as for skills enhancements of the auditor


To gain the privileged access to information that is needed for the 3S Management Certification to assess conformity to requirements for certification adequately, 3S Management Certification provides confidence to the client organization by signing a Non – Disclosure Agreement (NDA) of the information (Between 3S Management Certification and Client) that all information obtained during the process of Audit shall be kept confidential and if needed the same shall be approved from the client organization before sharing the information with third party. All the Auditors and Staff shall sign the NDA with the 3S Management Certification that any information pertaining to the client organization and 3S Management Certification shall be kept confidential as per agreement.

3S Management Certification employees and their appointed representatives will maintain information they receive as a result of their contact with the Organization in strict confidence and will not disclose such information to third parties without the written consent of the Organization except as

1. required by law,
2. required as disclosure in published directories or
3. Required in the record access process by accreditation bodies.
Notwithstanding the forgoing, no confidentiality obligations shall attach to information:
1. which is in the public domain at the time of its disclosure,
2. which thereafter falls into the public domain through acts other than unauthorized acts of 3S Management Certification or its employees,
3. which is in 3S Management Certification ' possession at the time of its disclosure, or
4. Which is thereafter disclosed to 3S Management Certification on a non- confidential basis by third parties having the right to


We avoid any situation in which our independence or impartiality may be compromised. If such situation happens we examine and deal openly and transparently.
We do not accept any pressure from clients aiming at obtaining a favorable treatment.
We do not damage impartiality and integrity from any improper advantages granted to influence decisions or actions in violation of duties.
We undertake to disclose any personal or business relationships with organizations to be certified or inspected.
In particular, before being appointed to conduct any certification or inspection activity in the role of Auditor or Inspector, we undertake to declare management that:
(A) there is not any impeding fact or condition that might hinder the exercise of the appointed task;
(B) there has not been any business relation with the customer to be certified or inspected in the last 3 years and any such relation will not be accepted for 2 years after an audit or inspection project completion;
(C) there is not any conflict of interest that could jeopardize audit/inspection activities execution;
(D) any commercial, financial or other pressures able to compromise impartiality during certification/inspection activity shall not be allowed;
(E) in case we have been employed by a consulting firm our company did not provide any consultancy Service to the customer in the previous three years.
Every year we undertake, in our role of qualified auditors/inspectors, to deliver the management with an updated CV’s copy specifying the list of organizations in which we provided professional Services. We are aware and accept that such information shall be used by to update the auditors’/inspectors’ register and to enable management to prevent any conflict of interest with organizations to be audited/inspected.


3S Management Certification has a policy of openness and relevant information is provided publically to all stakeholders of the 3S Management Certification . 3S Management Certification Provides following information publically through its official website:

(1) Audit process and certification process
(2) Certification status (i.e. the granting, extending, maintaining, renewing, suspending, reducing the scope of, or withdrawing of certification) of client organization
(3) Non confidential information of the client organization as well as about the 3S Management Certification upon request or
through Complaints management systems.
in order to gain confidence in the integrity and credibility of certification.